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IPL photofacial and IPL hair removal both utilize intense pulsed light technology but target different skin concerns. The photofacial treats pigmentation issues, sun damage, and vascular irregularities by delivering light pulses to the skin, while IPL hair removal focuses on targeting hair follicles to inhibit hair growth, offering a long-term solution for smooth skin. Both treatments are non-invasive and can provide effective results, but they require multiple sessions for optimal outcomes tailored to individual skin types and concerns.

Spa Policies

As a courtesy, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation prior to your arrival. We ask that you please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment. New clients will have paperwork to fill out. Your spa treatments are reserved especially for you and you will be asked to provide a valid credit card number to reserve your appointment. We value your business and ask that you respect the spa’s scheduling policies. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance. Please note that a 50% deposit will be taken upon booking. The deposit will not be refundable if you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours notice. All no-show reservations will be charged the full value of services.

*Prices and services are subject to change without notice. Clients will be informed of any price changes.*

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